Wir trauern um

Anna Janko

am 28. April 2023, um 11 Uhr
Ort: Pfarrkirche Tabor


Mit dem Abschicken der Kondolenz stimme ich der Speicherung meiner Daten zu.
Nach Überprüfung wird Ihr Eintrag veröffentlicht.

Harald u. Gisa R. | 25. April 2023

Habe eure Mutter in so guter Erinnerung! Unser aufrichtiges Beileid Harald und Gisa

Sandra and Stephen Campbell | 23. April 2023

To the Janko family - We wish you and your families our deepest sympathy for the loss of Anna. She lived a full life and was surrounded by the expression of deep love of her family. And, in turn your family have grown up to be honorable members of society. Sandra and I live half a worlds distance from you in the US, however on Thursday we will gather together in our home and take a moment to ask our Lord to open his arms and allow Anna entry into his embrace. Our deepest condolences to your family for this deepest personal loss.